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$25 Online Notarization Fee (Additional charges for additional notarizations)

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As a Florida Online Notary, I am authorized to perform an online notarization, regardless or your physically location.

All Signers are required to answer 5 questions using Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) and produce their government issued photo ID for a Credential Analysis.

* Please note that you must have a device that will allow Video/Audio connections as the Remote Online Notary sessions are recorded.

  • To begin the Notarization process, Signup and Pay the appropriate fee for the number of Notary Seals needed.
  • After payment you shall receive an email confirmation with a request to reply with the full names and email address of Signers.
  • And Don't forget to upload you document/s with the above email.
  • You then can make an appointment with your preferred time or, wait until I have uploaded the document and signers into the Notary Platform.You should then receive a confirmation email from the Notary Platform to begin the identification process.
  • You will first have to complete the Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) questions.
  • Next comes the Credential Analysis with your photo ID and a selfie
  • I will be notified by email when you have completed the above and I will then enter the video / audio conference to complete the signing with you.
  • Remember the complete notarization process including you signing and the video / audio are all recorded.
  • Ready when you are.

Acceptable forms of ID include the following photo IDs if valid and unexpired. Your state may have other allowable IDs or may exclude use of some items on this list, so always check:

  • U.S. State Issued Driver’s License
  • U.S. State Issued Photo ID
  • U.S. Passport Book
  • U.S. Passport Card
  • Certificate of US citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Foreign Passport
  • Alien Registration Card with Photo
  • Military ID

Generally speaking, any document that can be notarized by a traditional in-person notary can be notarized by online notarization.

Presently I can not notarize the following documents :

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Trusts with Testamentary Language

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